Daigasso! Band Brothers


Daigasso! Band Brothers (2004)

Console of origin

Nintendo DS





Barbara (バーバラ, Bābara), whose full name is Barbara the Bat, is the mascot of the Japan-only release Daigasso! Band Brothers (Jam with the Band was its slated North American name) for the Nintendo DS. She is the manager of the music store, GB Music, in Waruwaru Town, and an avid guitar player. She guides the player throughout the game and possesses a rather arrogant personality. She also appears in the Nintendo DS game Master of Illusion. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl when Barbara appears, she plays her guitar for a few seconds, sending out musical shockwaves that damage the summoner's opponents and cause reasonable knockback. Her last soundwave has a bigger range and damage. This works in a similar fashion to Donkey Kong's Konga Beat.

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