Shining Force EXA (2007)

Console of origin

PlayStation 2





Cyrille is a playable human mage in the game Shining Force EXA. She is one of the game's two protagonists and also one of the Heritors in charge of the Geo-Fortress.


Not much is known about Cyrille's past, parents, or much else other than she is from the Noswald empire. It is possible that her parents were both deceased as well when she was young and she was thus taken in by her grandfather. He was a studious man however, constantly reading books and had little time to raise Cyrille. As such, she ended following him in his footsteps, engrossing herself in books. Eventually she found reading more entertaining and relieving than reality itself. Unfortunately, her grandfather eventually passed. Though it is not mentioned what provoked Cyrille to begin her quest to search for the holy sword, it is possible her rationale is the same as Toma's: to end the conflict between Roswald and Fyrland.


Cyrille is intelligent, calm, cool, and collected. Initially, she comes off as somewhat of an ice queen, bookish, and somewhat of a loner. She can be socially awkard at times and shy. In time however, she shows kindness, fear, and even remorses for Toma the fate of destined for the Heritors. She is a bit secretive, hiding much from others if but to prevent them from knowing the cruel fate that awaits the Heritor. Unlike Toma who acts in reckless abandon, Cyrille tries to approach things thoughtfully and methodically.

Despite being aloof, she harbors great attachments for Toma, often becoming unhinged and envious when the Les Vaes tries to seduce him. 


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