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Animal Crossing


Animal Forest (2001)

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Nintendo 64





The village , also known as the animal crosser, is a term used for the human character in the Animal Crossing series that is controlled by a human or the "real-life" person playing the game. The player may be either a boy or a girl; the differences in all games are largely cosmetic and with slight variations to some dialogue whenever the conversation becomes gender specific.


Villager, like the main villagers, are short and stubby. The largely-physical differences may become blurred even further because Harriet allows the player to get haircuts of the other gender if one has had all hairstyles of one's gender from her. Kicks will also allow the player to wear shoes of the opposite gender after enough shoe shines have been bought. There are several unalterable differences, however.

The female character will always wear a dress, while the male character will always wear shorts, and the female character's default hat is a cone-shaped "princess cap", while the male character's resembles a spiked Viking helmet. These hats are used in Animal Crossing as the only hairstyle or head wear.

Even though villager are not the only humans, they are the only human children as it is assumed Mom and Dad, who send letters occasionally, are also human. Players will always have an in-game "mom" and in spite of Mom referring to childhood events and the home that the player once lived in and occasionally sending presents in the mail, there is no indication of any real back story to the human character(s).

Only one player from each town may be active at any given time, although in Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: City Folk, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, visiting players from other games are allowed in town at the same time.

Also, villager do not talk. The only times they can talk are when answering questions or accomplishing something (get an item, pay off mortgage, get stung or bitten by an insect, talking to another player in dream towns, or remark about a catch).